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Click HERE to watch us getting Gabrielle at the orphanage

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wow, packing and running errands

So, it has been crazy the past several days! Crazy fun!! I get butterflies in my stomach every time I really think about us getting on that plane to head to our little girl and her country. I am filled with so many emotions, but mostly gratitude. I feel so blessed and am so thankful that we have gotten to this place. Boy it has been wonderful and growing and challenging up to this point, and I have a feeling those words will continue to be used for the rest. I can now look back, even over those several weeks of not getting through court, and realize how much God held me up and literally walked us through to this point. I have never been so "in his hands" before, and I can see now what a gift that is. My relationship with Him is like it has never been in my entire life, He knows this and I am guessing was all part of the plan. What a great place to be with the Lord as we are getting ready to make this journey to Ethiopia.

Our friends and family and blog-world friends: You are all so important and special to us and this part of the process would never have been so rewarding and deal-able (I know that is not really a word, mom don't call me on that :) without all of you. Sometimes just looking forward to reading your e-mails and posts was what made everything "fun". Your prayers and commitment to friendship and faith has blown both Pete and I away, and I am really touched by the world of people who are out there. I invite you all to join us on our trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We will be blogging as much as possible and would love to give you all a look into what we are doing, seeing, feeling, etc. These may be my famous last words. I realize the power, the new baby, the sleep, the (hopefully not) stomach issues, may make it tougher to blog, but we will give it everything we got. Here is the schedule of what we are doing:

Saturday night- leave
Sunday night- arrive
Monday - morning shop
afternoon **seeing Gabrielle for the first time**
Tuesday- Take Gabrielle with us
Wednesday- Embassy appt.
Thursday- visit orphanages, etc
Friday night- Leave
Saturday morning- ARRIVE HOME



Your family has been so faithful and strong during this process! I know it must have seemed like the whole court process would never end but...YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY!!! We are so excited for you guys and cannot wait to see precios Gabrielle FINALLY in your arms! We are praying for a wonderful trip and as smooth as it can possibly be! Enjoy EVERY MOMENT!! It truly will be a trip of a lifetime!
We love you guys and will be stalking your blog hour by hour for any and all details!!!!
Mama Mel

E said...

You're on your way!!! I can't wait to see the photos of Gabrielle being held by her mommy & daddy! I look forward to following your journey and will be praying every step of the way!!!


Carpenters said...

I'm so excited for you both. In such a short time you will be with Gabrielle! Have a great trip!

With Love,

Team Dragovich said...

AAAAAHHHHH!!! You are almost there!! Have I told you how beautiful she is? Your faith, courage and perseverance in the storm has made an impact in our AW program... I can see it's fruit. God has used you and Pete to teach us all how to live and move and breath throughout this process. Thank you for being His hands and feet.

Go in peace, go in joy... Just go have a GREAT TIME!!


Danielle said...

Oh Andrea! I cannot believe how incredible she is! I actually forgot that I would get to see a picture when I visited you tonight. She is the most precious little one........I can hardly stand it. I can't believe you're leaving in two days. What a journey this has been. I am blessed to have gotten to know you a little in the midst of it. We will continue to follow.


Mary & Doug said...


I am so happy for you and will be keeping you close in prayer as you travel to get your sweet baby girl - she is just beautiful!


Cindy Foote said...

Thank you for posting the schedule. I haven't seen it before! We're praying for a wonderful trip and for incredibly fast bonding with Gabrielle!

The Footes

pkidd66 said...

What an overwelming emotion it is to see my new baby niece in her mom and dad's arms - she is truely home now!!
We love you -