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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Visit to Gabrielle's Orphanage

On Thursday 12/12 we spent the day at Kids Care Orphanage - Gabrielle's home for months 3, 4 & and 5 of her young life. This visit was an absolute highlight of our journey. This compound was home to an estimated 40 kids from newborn on up and according to Aster (the founder of the orphanage pictured with Andrea in the video) they receive around 3 to 5 new kids per week. Aster is the closest I've come to meeting a Saint. Thank you Aster for taking care of our little girl - you are such a gift.

We were privledged to spend time with the beautiful kids. They sang songs for us while sitting in their small schoolhouse room. Thanks to the generosity of our friends Chris and Jan McNally we brought a parachute to play with the older kids - and you'll see by the looks on their faces that they just loved it! These kids gave us a gift that we'll cherish forever.

Words (or video) alone can not adequately describe the experience of visiting this orphanage. If there is one simple truth that we learned during our short visit it's this:

No matter where in the world you go - kids are kids. They want to learn, they want to sing and they want to play - but most of all they want a family. Our hope is that every child in the home has their day - their day to be united with their mom and dad.

P.S. Bono wrote this song after he and his wife visited Ethiopia years ago and were forever touched and changed. He just released the song a few months ago. Here is the link to Bono being interviewed about it and singing it for the first time. He gets pretty emotional, it is an awesome video.



Patty V. said...

Thank you so much for your video. I wish our home had one hundred rooms and we had ten million dollars. Glad our Father has a mansion with rooms for ALL of us. What an awesome video! Thanks again.

Patty V.

Kiki:) said...

This video brought be to tears!!!
I am so proud of you!!
I can't wrap my brain around the fact that we will be THERE in one week!!
I am speechless!!
My heart is deeply touched by your video!!
All our love,
Aunti Kiki

missy said...

I've been following your blog and been very moved by your story. we just started the adoption process from Ethiopia and it's so exciting to see you home with your daughter!!! Congratulations!

Kristin said...

I would love to post this video on my blog but can't seem to figure out how....
BTW, how is your sister and her son? We will add them to our prayers.
We too have an adopted daughter from Ethiopia, brought home this past March.
God bless,