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Click HERE to watch us getting Gabrielle at the orphanage

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fw: We MADE IT!!!

THe flight was great, we had a couple hour delay after
sitting in the tarmack due to storms, but otherwise it
was great.

Took some time to get through the airport in Addis,
but that was to be expected. We are so excited and
happy to finally be here, it is almost surreal. '

The other families are awesome, we are going to have a
great week. THanks for your prayers, we will be back
soon with pictures!


Kiki:) said...

WHOOOOOOHOOOO!! Pete & Andrea,
You are in Addis....its unbelievable that its finally happened for you. We are HUNGRY for news and can't wait to see more pics. Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey to Gabrielle!! Its midnight in ET, so sweet dreams and we're all praying fervently for you. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunti Kiki

Mark Redfern said...

You're there!!! yeah!! I ditto what Kari said about being hungry for news! I can't believe you didn't immediately crash into bed when you got to the hotel!! :)

Waiting with bated breath for news & pics (& maybe even video...??)! :) Have a good night's sleep & a WONDERFUL day tomorrow, meeting Gabrielle for the first time!! :)

--Katie Redfern

the Steiger's said...

OH I am so happy for you guys. We were thinking about you all day long. You made it to Addis and we are so glad! Praise the LORD!

Rob & Candy said...

YAHHHH! I cannot wait to hear all the details of meeting your daughter!

K.P. said...

So happy you made it. I almost can't believe your journey is almost over...or just beginning. I also almost can't believe that you will be my ambassador to my son in the next two days! THANK YOU! Such a special gift that you are giving all of us.

We are praying for health and safety for you!

Kiss my boy's cheeks! :)


hhd said...

Pete and Andrea,
I just logged on and saw your post from Ethiopia. Amazing how small the internet makes the world seem. How exciting; I can hardly wait to see ALL of you when you get back. I talked to both the kids today and they are pumped and seem to be having a blast with Dippy Grandma. You guys must be so pumped! See you soon.


Danielle said...

YIPPEE!!! So happy you made it. After all your waiting, I'm sure it does feel surreal. Thinking of you so much..........

Love, Danielle

Emy said...

So glad you made it safely!! Can't wait to hear all about this week, and see more PICTURES!!!

Cindy Foote said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! so happy you have arrived in ET. Get some rest!

skizzrs said...

Hi!!! I was so happy and relieved to see that you made it without any problems! (Your hi-lights look good!) I can't wait to see more pics! I'll be checking your blog a million times a day.

Love you,