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Click HERE to watch us getting Endale at the orphanage

Click HERE to watch us getting Gabrielle at the orphanage

Thursday, January 31, 2008

A beautiful ending to a long story from Guatemala!

I wanted to share this amazing video of a little boy finally coming home! The photographer I use and friend of mine introduced me to this mom over a year ago. She knew that we were both adopting internationally and thought we would hit it off. Well at the time they were going to Kazakstan and we were going to China. Well, as we know the Lord redirects us when he sees fit. They switched to Guatemala right when we switched to Ethiopia. I had run into her at Target (isn't that where everybody runs into everybody...mental note to never go there in total house-frau mode as one WILL see a long lost friend who thinks you have lost yourself in being a mom)......Anyway, I digress. She told me of how they had been matched with a little baby boy. Well over the past year I run into several of her friends at our church and have gotten the update every couple months. They got to go see him many moths ago, but could not bring him home. It took over a year for this moment in the video to finally happen. Anyway, break out the tissues and for anyone STILL waiting, this is hope that things do eventually work out. God is good and his is all powerful in bringing us to our children when his timing is perfect. Congratulations S family!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Welcome home Friends!!!!

Oh was yesterday so much fun! I am so blessed to live so close to the airport where all families come back to the States from Ethiopia. My dear friend Kari, who is also adopting with AWAA, has deemed me the ET meET and greET. Our agencies first big travel group was arriving yesterday after spending the week meeting and getting their children. Some of these families I have spent months chatting with and becoming friends with on our Yahoo Group. We have supported one another, prayed continuosly for them and have watched their journeys to getting these kiddos. How special it was to be at the airport to watch them walk through the doors on the other side of customs and immigration, their children's first steps into America! One of my dear friends Penelope and Gabe had a long layover, so we were able to visit for a long time......and I got to visit with Josiah thier 14 month old cutie!!!!! Alexandra slept in the Baby Born the whole time, but boy was she cute under there. Penelope and Gabe were so gracious (especially after a 17 hour flight with two new babies), they shared so much with me about their trip and how amazing it was, the country, the people, the culture. I will never forget hearing the description of the transition home, the nannies and the love there. It was like water to a mothers weary soul. Knowing my baby is with us on this earth and to not be with her to care for her yet is something that adoption brings; however hearing about the amazing care and conditions at our agencies facilities meant SOOO much to me. The words and description Gabe gave me said it all. He said it was like a peice of heaven. He had never seen so much love in one place, with all the babies being loved by their nannies and the new parents coming to meet them and love them and God's grace all over. He said he now knows what heaven feels like. AMAZING! Enjoy the pictures, these families look amazing if you ask me.....after a pretty emotional and rough week travelling, bonding, etc. Then just getting off of a 17 hour flight with babies! I look forward to being there to see more of you return, and by Gods Grace it will be me, Pete and Gabrielle wearily but excstatically walking through those doors in the next coming months!

Meeting wonderful new friends

Last night we had the privileage of getting together with several families in our area who are or have adopted from Ethiopia. We began the evening in prayer and continued to enjoy one another throughout the night. It was such an amazing evening. The kids has so much fun, the adults talked and talked and talked. To be surrounded by many others who have the same passion you do for orphans and for adoption was just incredible. There were parents of 11 children (these people were a wealth of information), there were parents of special needs children, there were moms and dads adopting 12 and 14 year olds, waiting moms and dads for babies, and parents paper chasing as they look to make their family of 4 children a family of 7 children, and a family in Ethiopia right now getting their son. Everyone has their own story, everyone has their own feelngs on age of children, how many, etc., BUT in the end we have all been touched and chosen in the same exact way by God. It is awe inspiring to me to get together with others like this and to hear the way God led each of us to his orphans and particularly to Ethiopia. Even though the stories are so specific to each of us, it is overwhelming to me how they really are the same story over and over and over. God is truly in control and he knows exactly how to reach each one of us and to soften and prepare our hearts to have us step out in faith and embrace his children. I am so happy to have found these families and even more so for our children to come. It will be so important for them to be surrounded by other children and families who came to be just like them. Also, for us to be able to share in and celebrate the Ethiopian heritage and culture.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

We love Duni!

Last week we were so fortunate to meet our new Africa Program Director. She is so sweet and smart and has the passion to help the children of her country. I think any of us who are adopting little girls would hope that one day they grow up to be like Duni. She is beautiful inside and out.

Thanks for everyone's support and enthusiasm on my fundraiser!!!!! I can't wait to get the mommy one's up, they are turning out really cute.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Boy and Girl Bodysuits!

Sizes: 3-6 mos. (13-18lbs.) 6-9 mos. (19-26 lbs.) 9-12 mos. (27-34 lbs.)

Specify Size and pattern/color on Paypal when ordering, or e-mail me at

Sizes: 3-6 mos. (13-18lbs.) 6-9 mos. (19-26 lbs.) 9-12 mos. (27-34 lbs.)

*Pink Long Sleeve- one only- 9 mos.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Whimsical Bodysuits celebrating our Ethiopian Children!

The creative part of me is screaming to be out again. So, I have come up with really fun, whimsical bodysuits for our ET babes!!! I hope you all like them, I will be posting more as I make them. The continent of Africa is depicted with a fun fabric and then accented with a flower, chenille ball, etc. where Addis Ababa would be in Ethiopia! Some will be long sleeve and some will be simple short sleeved bodysuits that are thick and high quality. They are for sale, and you can use PayPal to purchase them. The money will support our adoption expenses in bringing Gabrielle home. I have already had requests to make the same thing on T-shirts for mommies, so stay tuned. I have so many cute fabrics, and can't wait to make more. I will be making boy ones too!

I had a business for many years now, Posh Baby Posh. It started before I had my daughter when I could not find anything of high quality for her I made something myself as I have sewn my whole life. This turned into a business where I did custom baby bedding, accessories, window treatments and even clothing for children. It became too much to manage being a full time mommy, and trying to get our paperwork I stopped. Since my world is all about adoption these days and Ethiopia, I had to find a way to make something that celebrated both, ENJOY and let me know if you are interested.