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Monday, June 15, 2009

Gotcha day Celebration!!

We can't believe you have been with us only one year feels as if you have always been with us.  I also can't believe a year has flown by so quickly.  You have made us so proud.  You have worked SOOOO hard with weekly therapy and have grown stronger and stronger, day by day.  Almost exactly one year after coming to us you have completely caught up and are walking, talking, loving~ and are a true miracle and blessing to us!  Because of God leading us to you, we now have a greater love and passion for Christ, for Africa, and for helping children.  Our hearts have been opened and our eyes have seen!  Every time I look at you I am reminded of how much God loves us and how much he chooses us to be His children ~just like we love you and have you as our child.  God has blessed us so much by allowing us to see all your firsts:

  • Your first tooth~  now you have a mouth full!
  • Sitting up for the first time
  • Crawling
  • Standing
  • Walking
  • Giggling~ the kind of free belly laughing that comes when something just hits you as funny.  This took some time as you were so reserved and waited to let yourself open up.
  • Your first solid food~ now you eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING
  • Hugging and kissing~ to watch you open up to love and affection and give it has been the best gift to us.  To watch you heal from what you didn't get before us, and to learn to trust us enough to let yourself be fully loved and to give love and affection.  
There are so many more things that you have done and shown us over this past year, but mostly we are beyond thankful that you are where you were always meant to be- at home!

We enjoyed some Ethiopian food, your favorite music by Ethiopian singer "GiGi", and a family celebration marking this special week that you came into our arms forever!