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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

GiGi is healthy AND sleeping through the night!

We got all Gabrielle's medical tests back and she is perfectly healthy! She has even already had several immunizations- which is wild to me. Things here are going so well.......after the past few weeks. I had some nasty stomach/intestinal bug which the Dr. thought was Giardia, I am still not convinced since he never tested me for it, but whatever it was is gone and the Meds, most likely kicked ANYTHING else out of my body that should not have been there! I figured I would find out Gabrielle had Giardia, even though she has no symptoms; however she has nothing and now many of my friends and friends of friends have the same thing I struggled with. I suppose when going to the Dr. and telling them of "intestinal issues" and then mentioning coming home from Africa in the same conversation they tend to treat for the worst. :( We are good to go now and functioning like a normal family again, thank God!- our health is SOOO important and I take it for granted too much.

Gabrielle is coming out of her shell more and more every day. It is so amazing to watch and enjoy. Pete and I keep saying, "she REALLY likes it here." She is starting to be able to hold herself up on all fours- with me supporting her. So her are strength is getting better each week. She is babbling and talking and is so happy. She says "dadda", still working on "momma"; for some reason she thinks it's really funny when I say it repeatedly to her. I think she is playing me. The best news of all is SHE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Thank you Jesus! After being sick and having weeks of not good sleep, we all feel like new again. Need I say it- we take sleep for granted too!! I appreciate now and thank God for getting a whole night of un-interrupted sleep :)