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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Photo session of GiGi

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Thanks to my girlfriend Tamara, who took amazing pictures of Gabrielle~ It was so fun to connect with good friends and to have GiGi have her first photo session!



Great pics of GiGi!!! I am sooo jealous....all of these baby girls coming home and mommies get to do their hair!!! Myli's is not quite long enough to style yet but it is growing!! She has sort of a mohawk I guess you could say!! LOL!
Anyways, GiGi is precious!!! Looks like you guys are getting along very well!!
Love to you,
P.S. - I would still like to talk to you about what your hair products are! I am still trying to figure out what to use for Myli!

Jori said...

So adorable!! I love the last picture of the two of you ~ a keeper for sure! Can't believe how much she is growing already! Thanks for sharing!
love ya, Jori

Patty V. said...

She has grown so much! I love her hair!

God bless,
Patty V.

the Steiger's said...

She is a cutie and I love her hair.
love, Lenka

E said...

Gabrielle is absolutely stunning - just like her mommy! Love her hair! Such beautiful pictures! seems like everything is going really well! Great to see all of the kids!

Lots of love to you all,

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

Oh Andrea,
She is such a doll!! Congratulations again!

Paul & Holly West said...

These pictures are amazing. GiGi looks so happy and content. I am so happy to hear that she is doing well and healthy. Praise the Lord!
Miss you and so glad we were travel buddies!

ethiHOPEia said...

Ahhhh! So cute! Glad to hear things are going well and that you're feeling better! It was fun to follow you on your journey!

Carpenters said...

How precious!

With Love,