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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A beautiful sight to get the day going!

After putting Isabelle on the bus I was heading back up the driveway and was thinking the fall coloring was so beautiful....then I saw the most amazing rainbow. It was a full the whole arch! I have never seen that before, what an incredible sight. So, I snapped some pictures, I couldn't get the whole thing on one picture because it was like right above me, but I hope some of these give an idea of how amazing it was. Seeing a natural, beautiful treat like this makes me reflect on how truly amazing, powerful and giving our God is. He created this phenomenon and made it so special that it is only seen under certain circumstances....I felt like he gave me a gift this morning, like a big colorful smile. I needed it!! We have been thinking so much of our baby girl, who is no doubt with us on this earth, in Ethiopia. If he can make rainbows like this, he can take care of her and hold her in his hands untill we get to her!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

So happy for our friends!

Yesterday our Yahoo group lit up with messages of great news from afar and such excitement!! Our agency got 6 referrals that went out to five families. So many of these families we have gone through this process with, so it is so amazing and emotional to see and read their messages of joy announcing their new babies. I am in a cloud today. I was so emotional hearing the news of each family, it was like having four of your close friends call within the same hour saying they have delivered their babies!! It is so inspiring to see things rolling along and to know that we have to be SOOO close. We are so close and yet I long for my baby girl even stronger. The closer we get the stronger the pull becomes. I suppose that is exactly how God wants me and he knows exactly what he is doing. It is a day for praise!!!