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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A beautiful sight to get the day going!

After putting Isabelle on the bus I was heading back up the driveway and was thinking the fall coloring was so beautiful....then I saw the most amazing rainbow. It was a full the whole arch! I have never seen that before, what an incredible sight. So, I snapped some pictures, I couldn't get the whole thing on one picture because it was like right above me, but I hope some of these give an idea of how amazing it was. Seeing a natural, beautiful treat like this makes me reflect on how truly amazing, powerful and giving our God is. He created this phenomenon and made it so special that it is only seen under certain circumstances....I felt like he gave me a gift this morning, like a big colorful smile. I needed it!! We have been thinking so much of our baby girl, who is no doubt with us on this earth, in Ethiopia. If he can make rainbows like this, he can take care of her and hold her in his hands untill we get to her!


Carpenters said...

Beautiful, Andrea! You are so right. The God who makes such a beautiful creation, can take care of all of his children. Thank you so much for the reminder!


Danielle said...

Wow! I love all the different ways God shows Himself! Thanks for visiting and for the bloodwork story. I'll bet you were like, "What in the world?" Karl said that after the first results his gut told him everything was okay. I've learned to trust that "gut" of his...oh, except when it sensed that number 3 was going to be a girl :) Blessings!

simplyloveproject said...

Andrea, it was wonderful talking to you yesterday :) It made my day!!! It did get a little crazy, so I'll call you this weekend & we'll finish our talk.
I love the beautiful pics & your words of God's love for us!

tisha said...

I love rainbows! Every time I see them I always think of God's promise and that he purposefully puts that rainbow in the sky. When I look at a rainbow I feel like God is looking at it at the same time. You're right the God who can do that can do all things, including taking care of our little ones, he is the Father to the fatherless. Thanks for sharing.
Tisha (awaa yg)

Kari Gibson said...

Any new news??? For some reason, I had the strong feeling that you might receive a referral this week. Hey, I will keep standing in line until you do :) You haven't added a new journal post, so wanted to hear how you were doing!!
lots of love,
Kari (awaa)