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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A beautiful ending to a long story from Guatemala!

I wanted to share this amazing video of a little boy finally coming home! The photographer I use and friend of mine introduced me to this mom over a year ago. She knew that we were both adopting internationally and thought we would hit it off. Well at the time they were going to Kazakstan and we were going to China. Well, as we know the Lord redirects us when he sees fit. They switched to Guatemala right when we switched to Ethiopia. I had run into her at Target (isn't that where everybody runs into everybody...mental note to never go there in total house-frau mode as one WILL see a long lost friend who thinks you have lost yourself in being a mom)......Anyway, I digress. She told me of how they had been matched with a little baby boy. Well over the past year I run into several of her friends at our church and have gotten the update every couple months. They got to go see him many moths ago, but could not bring him home. It took over a year for this moment in the video to finally happen. Anyway, break out the tissues and for anyone STILL waiting, this is hope that things do eventually work out. God is good and his is all powerful in bringing us to our children when his timing is perfect. Congratulations S family!!


Jen said...

What a wonderful way to document a homecoming. I feel that the photogtaphs are more poingnant to me than the vidoes becuase they freeze those moments in time that tend to be looked over in the craziness. What a lovely slideshow.
Thanks for sharing!

kristin said...

That was so dope! I loved the photography and momments captured! Oh man, what a sweet story!

Dana said...

Hi Andrea,
I am your blog-friend, dana cordell. Thanks for encouraging me on the blog. It has been neat to get to know some names and faces through the comments left on my blog (especially since i am a slacker and never joined the yahoo group...long story)- we may all get to know each other well over the next few months! We will let everyone know when we get the call from Duni...I run to the phone every time it rings! Maybe this week?????? Only, God knows. He has led us safely thus far- He will lead us to our Mercy! Its all in his timing!

blessings to you and prayers-

dana cordell