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Monday, January 28, 2008

Welcome home Friends!!!!

Oh was yesterday so much fun! I am so blessed to live so close to the airport where all families come back to the States from Ethiopia. My dear friend Kari, who is also adopting with AWAA, has deemed me the ET meET and greET. Our agencies first big travel group was arriving yesterday after spending the week meeting and getting their children. Some of these families I have spent months chatting with and becoming friends with on our Yahoo Group. We have supported one another, prayed continuosly for them and have watched their journeys to getting these kiddos. How special it was to be at the airport to watch them walk through the doors on the other side of customs and immigration, their children's first steps into America! One of my dear friends Penelope and Gabe had a long layover, so we were able to visit for a long time......and I got to visit with Josiah thier 14 month old cutie!!!!! Alexandra slept in the Baby Born the whole time, but boy was she cute under there. Penelope and Gabe were so gracious (especially after a 17 hour flight with two new babies), they shared so much with me about their trip and how amazing it was, the country, the people, the culture. I will never forget hearing the description of the transition home, the nannies and the love there. It was like water to a mothers weary soul. Knowing my baby is with us on this earth and to not be with her to care for her yet is something that adoption brings; however hearing about the amazing care and conditions at our agencies facilities meant SOOO much to me. The words and description Gabe gave me said it all. He said it was like a peice of heaven. He had never seen so much love in one place, with all the babies being loved by their nannies and the new parents coming to meet them and love them and God's grace all over. He said he now knows what heaven feels like. AMAZING! Enjoy the pictures, these families look amazing if you ask me.....after a pretty emotional and rough week travelling, bonding, etc. Then just getting off of a 17 hour flight with babies! I look forward to being there to see more of you return, and by Gods Grace it will be me, Pete and Gabrielle wearily but excstatically walking through those doors in the next coming months!


Danielle said...

By the way, do you know why I wouldn't be able to see pictures of the mommy shirts? I think I'll wait awhile (maybe!)on the baby one, but I might want to get a mommy now and can't seem to get the pictures! (I would be a small, by the way, unless they run really small!)


the Steiger's said...

thank you so much for sharing all the pictures. It must have been great to see all the families and get to talk with them.
PS: They do look good after 17hour flight. :)

Susan said...

WOW! I'm tempted to drive up there to greET with you! That looks like so much fun!

Thanks for sharing your experience.


Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

That is so awesome that you got to see the families...I am jealous :) I hope I can meet you at the airport some day soon :)

Apryl said...

What a special thing for you to do! I'm sure you were a welcome to sight to everyone after such a long trip~your day will soon be coming :)

Rob & Candy said...

Oh, it sounds like soooo much fun!

Anonymous said...

We love those families!!!!! Miss them sooo much!

Carpenters said...

It was such a treat to meet you in person finally and chat! The pictures are wonderful. Would you mind emailing a copy to me? I would love to add it to our adoption journey album. We feel so blessed that we were able to travel with these amazing families and have gotten to meet a few of the wonderful families that we've connected with online. Thank you again for meeting us.

With Love,