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Friday, January 11, 2008

Boy and Girl Bodysuits!

Sizes: 3-6 mos. (13-18lbs.) 6-9 mos. (19-26 lbs.) 9-12 mos. (27-34 lbs.)

Specify Size and pattern/color on Paypal when ordering, or e-mail me at

Sizes: 3-6 mos. (13-18lbs.) 6-9 mos. (19-26 lbs.) 9-12 mos. (27-34 lbs.)

*Pink Long Sleeve- one only- 9 mos.


Apryl said...

These are fantastic! Maybe in the near future I'll have some kind of idea what gender/ages our kids will be. I will definitely order one (or more) and I'm interested in seeing what you come up with for Mommies :)

Jen said...

Oh my goodness you are killin' me here Andrea! I want one of every kind!! I LOVE the plaid and the stripes, oooh and the green. See what I'm saying!! Too adorable!

I only wish I has a referral to know what size to buy. O-2 years leaves a BIG age gap so it looks like i have to postpone my purchase until later but, I WILL BE ORDERING........

Anonymous said...

these are kinda AWESOME! we'll have to get one after we get home with Sakari!


OOOOHHH, I can see our little princesses wearing these!!!!!
COME ON REFERRALS!!!! We need to know what size to order!!

Carpenters said...

Andrea, they are beautiful! I'm off to order two right now!

Gibson Family said...

BFF, these are literally to die for :) I want them soon as we get referrals, we are getting matching ones for ZoZo & GiGi :) ooooohhhhhh so adorable!


Duni has asked the nurse at the TH to get updated weight and measurements for us so I am just waiting to see what size to order still! Can't wait to be able to support your little one too!! I will probably end up with more than a couple but just need to wait for the new numbers to come in!!
(Our paperwork was all dated Sept so I'm sure she's grown a bit since then!)
Love ya!