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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Requesting re-fingerprinting date

Well, I was hoping we did not have to do this, but it is the smartest thing to do.  Our fingerprints expire May we would have to be back home with our baby by that date.  We were hoping to travel in April, I know it is still a possibility; however we are cutting it too close for comfort.  BACK TO USCIS.....can you believe it!!  So, I sent a letter requesting an appointment to get our fingerprints re-done.  THEN, we would have to wait for another updated I-171 to arrive with our new date on it.  I am hoping that this goes quicker than the regular waiting on the 171, as it took 3 months when we did it for China and about 2 1/2 months for Ethiopia.  I have to say that I am still holding out all hope and faith that we get our referral, get a court date quickly, with success and we can get there and back by this date.  We still have 2 months, so have hope and faith with me!!!!!  Even though this seems daunting, I feel pretty upbeat about it all.  


Jill Coen said...

Andrea, I will be praying for this!! Nothing is impossible with our Christ!

Danielle said...

I have hope and faith with you!

Team Dragovich said...

Andrea, You are the one who inspired me to think deep and re-examine my heart in regards to prayer and the power in it... It would be a great honor for me to raise up holy hands, pray and praise God on your behalf for His faithfulness in all things!
Love, Shari

kristin said...

You sound wise and prayerful! I am sure it will work out well! We are behind you girl!

Jen said...

I know it's a bummer. We most likely will have to do the same since our fingerprints were the fastest piece of the puzzle to happen for us. BUt it could be worse. It's not too bad.

I am still praying and hoping along with you that your referral is just aound the next corner!

the Steiger's said...

I was thinking if you get a referral this week and you want to sent something to your little girl let me know. We are leaving early Friday morning!

Lee Anne said...

Hi Ran! I love your site. I hope you and Pete like the Announcement for Gabirelle and the Instruction Sheet for the Blessingway Birth Beads. I think everyone will have so much fun making them...and what a wonderful gift for Gabrielle. I get a little tug in my heart everytime I think about her joining our family! I love you.

E said...

What a downer. I'm praying your referral will be here so soon, Andrea! Lots of precious babies waiting & I have to believe one of them is your baby girl, Gabrielle.

Love ya,