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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hanging in there by a thread today!

Just wanted to pop a word here to say I am hanging in there, though barely at times. Really, I am doing good, I am just very concerned now about our expiring fingerprints. We have not gotten a letter with our fingerprint appt. yet, and then after that we wait for the new amended (or in our case, the amended-amended 171). I did get an e-mail back from the woman in charge of adoptions related paperwork at USCIS and she said it is a month processing AFTER your fingerprint appointment. So, let's hope things get rolling. Will keep updating everyone on the situation........

Probably some good prayer time and a good run is in order for my day. We are heading to the end of another week and I am feeling not so strong right now. I need to keep things in perspective and I always pick myself back up, but today I am going to let myself feel this and then move along.

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E said...


I'm praying about your USCIS stuff & especially hopeful you'll receive news of Gabrielle very soon!!!

Love you,