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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am looking forward to laughing

Today's many thoughts:

-With court delays going on in Ethiopia, there is news that our ever-anticipated referral will not come anytime soon. Here we were waiting day to day with great hope that "the call" was coming..........last night was great news mixed with sad news.

-One of the referral groups got their new court dates which is such great news. My heart has been with them and not knowing how hard it must be to have a picture in hand and just waiting to get the chance to go get them! I am praying that December 7th is a glorious day, and I am so excited that they have movement on their process.

-My heart feels for the second referral batch who won't even get their new court dates until the first group goes through. I pray that they all have news of success and completion by Christmas or the New Year! I also pray for their patience and peace during this time of waiting. God will hold thier babies in his hands and will also do his work in their hearts to get them through.

-I am left to wonder when we can even think of getting our referral. I have gone from feeling so close and excited, to feeling like this process and phase will go on and on and on and on and on.........I know our news will come, and I know it will just bring me to the next phase which I am seeing is also not that easy; however it will be THE NEXT PHASE. I am ready for a new set of waiting issues. I felt like this as we were approaching the end of the paper-chase. Each phase is a higher quality problem. I am hoping to get some information from our agency tomorrow that will help me better understand and grasp the delays that we may be experiencing. I just need to know if we have to now wait until all families fully get through their court dates for anymore referrals. I will be fine either way, just need a sense of direction and help to better set my expectations and ability to wait. Boy have I grown so much through this process, I felt last night like God is really getting me ready for something AMAZING. I never doubted this experience and having another child would be incredible, but I get the feeling there will be more to it than I could have even thought of. Maybe he is going to give us the gift of twins (we have requested an infant girl or twins), or maybe we will experience something so amazing that our lives will so be changed and we are able to give more than we ever thought and make a huge difference for children, or maybe it is just the gift of the growth of my heart, my soul and my faith.

-People talk of the miracle of about the miracle of adoption!

-My dear husband sent this to me today. It is so right on I had to post it..........and that concludes my thoughts for the day.......I think that is enough, don't you?

"The Lord said to Abraham, 'Why did Sarah laugh.'" Genesis 18:13 NIV

You'll laugh again!
In Genesis 18:13-14 we read: "The Lord said to Abraham, 'Why did Sarah laugh and say, 'Will I really have a child, now that I am old?' Is anything too hard for the Lord?'" Then in Genesis 21:2 we read: "Sarah became pregnant and bore a son...[and] said, 'God has brought me laughter'" (Ge 21:2-6 NIV). But between the first and the last laugh Sarah went through a wrenching time of disappointment and heartache. The 'love of her life,' Abraham, betrayed her to save himself. Abimelech, a heathen king, took her to his harem and would have slept with her had God not stepped in to rescue her. Yes, like Sarah, between the first laugh and the last you'll do a lot of growing. You'll celebrate your good times and pray for grace to survive your bad ones. Some days you'll feel like you can't go a step further, yet through it all you'll learn to trust God more than you ever dreamed possible.

Here's an important thought: when you share your story with others don't just tell how you started or where you are today, tell them what God brought you through. Why? For those are the things they are struggling with too! King Abimelech's tent was in Gerar, which means the halting place. There will be times when you'll feel as if your life has come to a complete halt; like you're getting nowhere. Maybe that's where you are today. If it is, please know this - God will be faithful to you! Not only will He bring you through, but like Sarah, you'll laugh again as you watch Him fulfill His promises in your life!


Apryl said...

I needed that! Funny how we (and probably so many others) had the same thought, "WHAT?!! Not working on referrals?"

I'm in complete agreement with you--I don't mind the wait, if only I knew when to expect the wait to end. I guess it wouldn't be quite so exciting that way :)

Thanks again for this post, very poignant and timely!

Carpenters said...

For us, not knowing when the wait will end makes it seem like the wait will never end. It would be so much easier if someone would just say, your referral will come on such and such day and you just have to wait until then. I can't wait to hear you laughing and we will continue to pray that God brings these children into families in His perfect timing.

With love,

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

Thank you so much for your post. Reading it gave me so much encouragment...and we are just in the paperchase phase....Lord help us:) Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the times that come inbetween the laughter.

E said...


I'm really sorry to hear the agency will not be working on referrals. Did you get an email or phone call to this effect? Sorry...I've been a bit out of it over the last week as the flu has been making the rounds in our family.

I did get news back from Laurel (check my blog, if you like) and I still can't quite wrap my mind around why things can't happen simultaneously.

I agree with what Penelope wrote and your sentiments in this post - it would be easier to have some sort of definite date to look forward to...the ambiguity involved in waiting (of any kind) can feel a bit like torture sometimes.

I think the holidays rolling around may have actually turned into a source of disappointment for many of us, as we all had hopes for something or another "by Thanksgiving" or "by Christmas" - and now we're all seeing that it probably isn't going to happen.

Yet, I feel like there is so much hope & joy to be had during this season and I plan to fully enjoy my life and my family...even if one key piece of our family happens to be waiting for us in Ethiopia. I am thankful that I do know his face and his name. I'm praying he'll be home with us soon.

Thank you so much for your prayers! I'm praying for your referral, as well!

Under the Mercy,