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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Got Milk!

I have not addressed this issue on my blog as of yet, even though it has been a major part of my journey these days.......but I am so happy with how things are going that I have decided to share, hoping that this will incourage someone else or help another mommy know it is possible.

I decided months ago that I wanted to nurse my new baby. I nursed my first two and why should I not try to provide the same nourishment, protection and boost for my third baby. Well, one might say........maybe because I am not pregnant and not carrying this child? I had researched online and talked to several women who had done this and learned it is completely possible. I scheduled an appt. with my Dr. next as I thought I should discuss with him, and I read that I would need to be on the pill for a couple months first (all part of the protocol) The nurse AND practitioner at my ob/gyn had never come across this request (you know I was feeling like a lunitic that day). They were very confused as to why I was there asking for the pill, and wanting to nurse, WHEN I was not preganant AND asking for the pill!!! It was comical the looks on there faces....I can laugh now. They were telling me nicely "honey, the pill is used to avoid getting pregnant, not to nurse" Long story short, they called in the big guns. They got on the the phone with the Certified lactation group working in labor & delivery at the hospital. They said, sure she can nurse without being pregnant, and assured the practitioner that indeed the pill is used to put one's body into a "pregnent-like" state to prepare for the relactation. OH, THANK GOD I thought, someone doesn't think I am crazy. What I learned was that it is totally possible to relactate, or even do it for the first time if you have never had a pregnancy.

So, I have been pumping now for 2 months and have about 400 ounces frozen in our freezer!! I am just so thrilled and amazed that a woman's body can do this. Knowing that my little girl and maybe little boy are with us on this earth and in the care of others is hard for a mom. Each time I sit down to pump I know that I am doing everything I can to give Gabrielle the best of what a mom can give. When she comes home she will receive this milk that was prepared for her months before and it will make this mom feel so good. I couldn't give her my body for pregnancy, but in my heart she has lived; however giving her my body for her nourishment feels great!

Adoption is so emotional and spiritual. We connect to these little ones through God with our hearts and minds. So far my experience with adoptive nursing is that it brings such a wonderful physical component to adoption which has meant a lot to me. I can't even imagine if when I get my baby she actually is willing t nurse on me, that will be a whole added experience of bonding.


Apryl said...

Andrea-that absolutely ROCKS! I can't believe the success that you have had. I only wish I knew whether we would be getting a BABy or not--so I could plan accordingly. My doctor was very supportive, but also passed me along to the lactation consultant at the hospital. I decided I just need to wait to see if nursing is a possibility (ie. ages of our kids). Kudos to you and your perseverance--that will be such a blessing for your daughter!

Carpenters said...

Andrea, that is so great that you are able to provide this for your daughter! I can just imagine the looks from the nurses and doctor. My doctor also did not know about the protocol when I asked him his opinion about adoptive breastfeeding. Good for you for being so persistent. You go, girl!

With love,

Gibson Family said...

I'm SO proud of you!!! I have to share that I really wanted to breast feed Zoie, but Roger and the kids did not feel comfortable with the idea. Any suggestions on helping older kids feel comfortable with the idea of mom breastfeeding @ 40. We've worked so hard on helping them grow in love with our adoption...feeling safe & secure. I'm cheering you on big time!!! Gigi will be sooo blessed by all your hard work.
It was great talking to you tonight. I'm single for the next two days...Rog is traveling. I appreciated you instantly cheering me up and gabbing!! My meeting went long and then dinner. I'll call you Thursday. Praying for great news for all of us!
lots of love,

tisha said...

I'm glad to hear you've been so succssful. I have to admit, having never been pregnant before, I was not up to trying to breast feed with this adoption. But I am thinking that if we end up adopting a second time (which I would love to do if the Lord allows) maybe I could check into it a little bit more and give it a try. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Tisha (awaa yg)

MiaJ said...

I am a Labor and Delivery nurse and that is actually pretty common (good for you for not letting them make you feel dumb). What a great gift to give to your child!

williamandshelley said...

wow... amazing... you are amazing for pursuing it... thank you so much for sharing :)

Heidi and Kirk Weimer said...

I am so proud of you for doing this! I am a big nursing advocate, and would love to pursue this if we had adopted infants, but alas, our kids will be full-grown, so I don't think I will be venturing down this path! But I am so glad to know you and others are! Kudos!!!

Molly said...


I just found this post and am looking at relactating to breastfeed an adopted child of ours. Did you take Dom or Regalan? Just wondering about the specifics of your situation. I nursed our second (domestic AA adoption) but was nursing my bio 18 month old son at the time. Worried about producing enough milk for new baby through relactation.