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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Endurance we need for the marathon of Adoption

I found this on another blog (Mary- Owlhaven) and had to share it. It is SO fitting for those of us in the various stages of adoption. There are those days spent struggling through paperwork that seems to never end, the endurance that it takes to wait,wait and then wait some more for that call to come. Then the call and picture of your beloved child is seen in reality and not just in heart! Then waiting again for the moment you can officailly call that child yours. Then the ultimate wait begins........getting to the day of actually holding and kissing that blessing of a child. We were all purposely chosen and put on this path, our reward will come, but not without running the marathon first. It is too big of a reward to be given lightly and easily. Enjoy!

Hebrews 10:35-36

“So do not throw away your confidence, because it has great reward. For you need endurance in order to do God’s will and so receive what is promised.”

Absorb what it’s saying. God has made us certain promises that we will only see fulfilled on the other side of a demanding climb. We’re going to have to sweat this one out and feel the burn in our limbs but the reward is going to be “great.” There is something God wants to give you, Beloved, but He’s purposely requiring tremendous perseverance from you in order for you to have what it takes to receive it rightly. Humbly. You will need ENDURANCE to do His will in this particular situation. It will not come easy because it’s too good to come cheap.

Without Christ you can do nothing but, with Him, you are capable of things you’ve never dreamed. All surpassing power abides in your jar of clay. Do not shrink back. The God of the Universe looked the world over and found you.

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Gibson Family said...

This post hit my heart hard & for all of us waiting on the Lord's perfect timing in our lives. I love it!!!! I think we were posting @ the same time words of encouragement!! :) We are definitely kindred spirits!!
I was thrilled to see your post about T shirts. Yea!!! The women's are fitting slim & long...about a size off. I wear a L, but normally wear a M. I hope that helps. We'll peek @ paypal...its like Christmas on that thing! Thank you so much!!!
Roger was sooo bummed yesterday, it was the first time I really saw him gulp at the end of the day. We had coffee this morning @ Starbucks and just talked about all the things we are learning this year....waiting!!
I'll have him read your blog today!
Love you lots!