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Monday, October 20, 2008

Doing the "Do"

She is such a ham, she always scrunches up her face when she smiles at the camera.

I am having fun at trying new "do's" on GiGi. This one turned out really good. As long as I can get her to sit long enough, we are good to go. I also learned this time that doing it after a bath when her hair was a little wet made it easier.


Kiki:) said...

Yayyyy...I'm blog stalking today & peeked here:)) The DO's are adorable!!! You rock mommy!!
Love the updates & photos!!

Carpenters said...

I'm finally able to catch up on all my favorite blogs. Your little ones are so cute! You did such a great job with Gigi's hair!

With Love,

small world said...

Great job on the hair. The pressure is on when Etsegenet gets here in 10 days. Hey, check out my blog. Under "Blogs to Watch" Box Braids and Cornrows is the Shruba site that has awesome video on all kinds of cute hair styles for our little black girlies!
Love, Theresa

Kiki:) said...

Gigi is SOOOO ADORABLE!! Rog & I are stalking your blog this morning:)))
I just got your fun message...I did get all the amazing clothes for Zoie, but no hair products. Noooo big deal..I'll send you the T soon:)))
Love ya LOTS!!