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Monday, November 10, 2008

What NOT to do during a Social Worker post adoption visit!

We had our 4 month post placement visit and things seemed to be going so well. I had the social worker and Gigi with me, in the living room in front of our fire stove (it was a chilly day and it felt soooo good, plus the ambiance). Gigi was being so cute and her personality and energy was shining through. We were having great conversation yet WHERE WAS PETE?? Finally he called, he thought we were meeting AT the AWAA office and was there having them tell him our SW was at a home visit. So, he was going to have to conference in while driving home. The house of cards started falling down here. We did have a great time answering the questions and loved talking about how it has been since Gigi came into our lives physically. Then, the SW asked to see the nursery, and look biggy. Then she said she wanted to talk to Isabelle and Johnny. I knew their true hearts as far as Gigi goes, so I was not at all concerned until we walked into the family room, my heart stopped!!! There stood Johnny with a real swiss army knife, opened!!! As we entered the room, he said, "look mommy, I want to cut"!!! Oh my, oh my, oh my, I ran over and took the knife and said Johnny what are you doing. He said, "I want to cut this paper, aren't there scissors in here?" Well, yes honey, but why don't we get you your Crayola ones that aren't so sharp. When I went over to get the knife I realized that there was a kit that my brother-in-law had given my son on the couch. It was a boy kit, and in it was the swiss army knife AND a fish hook, needle and fishing wire wrapped around a stick.....which I promptly removed from the couch un-noticed. WHEW!! I could barely look at the SW at this point. She must have felt her job duty was to chime in and she appropriatley said, "you really shouldn't be playing with that, it could really hurt you." Then as I sat down on the floor, I screamed as I sat on a bunch of MARBLES!!!!! Yes, marbles. My daughter had decided to explore her beautiful marble collection and dump them out all over the floor. I tried to calmly shuffle them close to me as she talked to the kids, but the "CLINK, CLINK" was giving it away, as well as the scream I first gave out without any explanation. I started laughing and just said, "This is so not what to have your kids doing when you have the social worker come to visit", and we laughed. I made sure I pointed out that Gigi wasn't mobile yet, as we already covered, but we did need to remove all choke-ees from our toy closet very soon. :) So....we wrapped up as Pete walked in the door, said our goo-byes, and I think we passed!!!!


E said...

I'm sure you passed! Gigi is yours! Swiss Army knives, marbles & all. LOL! Great to read the update!

This reminds me of when my husband backed into our social workers car right after one of our home study visits. ;) We're human after all, I guess. Thankfully no damage was done in our case or yours!


Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

Oh what a story! :-) Our 1st visit is in a couple of weeks. I'll try not to top your story though! :-)
My biggest challenge is getting all 8 of us in the house at teh same time! Hope to see you soon!

Kiki:) said...

OK..I"m seriously laughing OUTLOUD!! I can just picture the scene. Of course, I just had to call you during the drama:)))) You were still very gracious to me...asking me sweetly to call you back. LOL
You're the best!!!!

Mark & Mel Harpold said...

TOO FUNNY!!! That beats my Sophi swinging from the kitchen bar story! Hands down! What is it about children? They know exactly what to do to make sure you stay on your toes!! Glad all is well and you get to keep GiGi!! LOL!!:)
Love ya!
Mama Mel

Danielle said...

I'm laughing out loud and Karl, who NEVER read blogs, just said, "Wow." This would totally happen to us. Except for us, it might be one of the boys discovering the old gun Karl stashed (unloaded, but nevertheless) at the top of the pantry :) Ahh, memories. I can't wait for our girls to meet one of these days. Thanks for keeping in touch....Love, D said...

Too funny!!! Ahhh, I'm sure you are quite a 'normal' family!!!
Alisa, YG