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Sunday, May 11, 2008

No court again today

Hi family,
Well, we did not get good news this morning. The
needed papers from MOWA did not show up this morning
at court, so Girmachew was told to come back tomorrow.
:( Thank you so much for all your prayers and
fasting. IT means so much to us to know that we have
such a strong team behind us.

I am going to be really honest and let you all know I
had a REALLY hard weekend. I sort of lost it Friday
night. There have been some other issues that came up
last week regarding our travel dates and flights being
completely booked up. Pete and I booked tickets on
our own 3 weeks ago, because we saw that things were
totally filling up and did not want to be stuck
waiting 3-4 extra weeks because there were no airlines
tickets. Without court mistakes or delays it was
plenty of time (also our tickets are transferrable, so
we could move them if needed); however we were then
being told if the rest of the group couldn't get
tickets we couldn't go anyway. I panicked and
realized that my controlling our NOT going into June
was becoming a reality. Not only would we more likely
look at June, the travel is booked well into June. I
am not saying it could not happen that we would find a
way to get there before, or AWAA would allow us to go
earlier, we will have to see how this plays out. I
just broke down completely. What I have learned and
come to in the end is freedom. I have given it up to
Him. I have made all the phone calls and e-mails I
can, even booking our own tickets 3 weeks ago when we
realized the flights were filling up. Really I have
made every effort to see that the right things are
being done and done correctly; however these things
are out of my control. I realize that God is so much
bigger than all of these things, and He can pave the
way to get us there, not me and not America World. I
need to trust HIM. I am still glad we took all the
steps we have and felt He was directing us to do that;
however now I need to let Him work out the rest. I
also panicked thinking I never wanted to be another
Oct. 19th situation, and how much older Gabrielle is
getting, time missing out with her, etc. This is all
fear and discouragement and NOT from Him, but from the
enemy. Now I feel very free knowing that for whatever
reason God needs to do a little more work in Pete and
I AND Gabrielle needs to be there a little longer.
Pete told me once in my despair of wanting Gabrielle
home, that this is the only time she will ever live in
Ethiopia, that this is her culture and where she is
from. She will be with us forever and will visit ET
one day, but that what she is gaining from seeing
Ethiopian people every day and the nannies caring for
her and talking to her in Amharic, etc. is making her
who she was supposed to be. It has been so hard to
understand why He would want her there any longer than
I think she should be.....but I am now free of this
too. I will get her when the time is right and me
beating myself up emotionally and spiritually won't
help matters. I thank Him today for the lessons I am
learning and for my friends and support here, and for
the knowledge that in the end, He will give me what I
have asked for. In this process I have grown closer
than ever to God and to my husband and I say, bring on
the rain, Lord- BRING IT ON! I am ready and willing
and nothing is going to break me down while He is
right here with me.


Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

Oh, bummer!!!!!!!!!
I'm praying!
Hang in there my friend!

Sherry said...

Andrea - I am praying for you! It sounds like the Lord is speaking to you and molding you through this process. I praise Him that you are hearing His voice. Through our journey He has taught me that no matter how organized I am and how good I am at completing the pieces within my control, He still wants me to know I am NOT in control. And He will go out of His way to put out of control things in my path, just so I will surrender and acknowledge Him. He is sovereign! Praise you Father! Praying you will hear the truth and counter the lies today!

Hugs! - Sherry Semlow

Renee' said...

Praying here too! I can only imagine your struggle. Thanks for being so honest in sharing your journey. Praying that tomorrow is filled with good news!

Cindy Foote said...

We are praying for you today. When our heart's desires are crushed it can be quite discouraging and overwhelming. We want your baby in your arms and so we join in prayer to that end. May our compassionate Jesus be with you during the continued wait and with your baby as well.
Blessings - The Footes


Anrea & Pete:
Please know that we are praying for you!! I know how hard the wait is getting for you and especially around these times! We love you guys and can't wait to see precious Gabrielle in your arms!

Aunti Mel

Carpenters said...

Ouchy! as Josiah would say. We'll be praying for good news tomorrow.

With Love,

the Steiger's said...

I am praying for you that God calm you down. I still remember how I felt. Call anytime if you want to talk.
love, Lenka

The Gillman Family said...

What a beautiful room! You did a great job!!!!

Kim (YG)

Team Dragovich said...

Andrea... thank you for your authenticity in this process. Every day I battle to remain "not in control" of our adoption, the timeline, life in general... it is so hard and many days I fall flat on my face. I was so touched by Pete's words about this being the only time in Gabriella's life that she will live in her native culture-- it hit me hard and deep in my soul... not that we don't want her home ASAP!! But, what God is doing here is so infinitely larger, higher, deeper and wider than what we can ever imagine. And to think that He chose to invite your family to be a part of it... and you said, "Yes..."!!!!

All my prayers and love and hugs are going towards you this day!!!

E said...

I'm so sorry to learn of this news. Hopefully today will bring the news you've waited so long to hear and all of the remaining details will come together. I still remember how those disappointments feel. We'll be praying for you guys!!!