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Monday, May 12, 2008

Gabrielle's Nursery

I wanted to post a HAPPY! This room makes me so happy. I finally finished the nursery. YEAH! I need to sew the bows onto the crib bumper yet and put some frames and things on the walls, but mostly done. I LOVE doing nurseries, it makes me happy to know this is the same crib used for all 3 of my kids, the same rocker/glider (this is the 3rd time I recovered it with all new fabric). Those big purchases for your first really do pay off as you use them over and over for each child and it becomes more sentimental each time I pull it out. I lined the curtains with a thermal blackout lining, so when they are lowered no light enters the room. I did this is my older daughters room and it worked so well. Thanks for looking!


Kiki:) said...

Ohhhh....I LOVE IT!!! Gigi's nursery is so yummy:)
I love the pink chandelier hanging over the chair. How classy is that!!! You are amazing dear friend...Rog is working on the crib tonight. Its sprawled all over the floor...thanks for helping us "decorate" ours all the way from VA
You're the best!!
PRAYING fervently that you & Pete have a successful court date Tuesday. We ALL need a happy!!
lots of love

shawn and tisha said...

The nursery is beautiful! What a pretty and peaceful room for a little girl. Praying for success for tomorrow. :)

Mark Redfern said...

ohhhh, so pretty! I love how girly it is! :) Way to go!
Praying for tomorrow! :)

--Katie Redfern

Susan said...

What a beautiful, serene place for your little girl!

Praying for you all!

Love, Susan

Paul & Holly West said...

SO BEAUTIFUL! Love it! Praying your little Gabrielle home SOON!!


Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Oh!!! So adorable!!! Can I move in?!
Very cool chandelier by the way!

Team Dragovich said...

I think my favorite is the chandelier!!! Or is it the material you chose?... Hmmm... so hard to decide :D!!! Right now, our nursery (in my head, of course) is going to be a lovely light green (something between a sage, mint and sea green-- but very light) with pink and white toile curtains and bedding with chocolate velvet trim. I have not yet attempted to cover any furniture... I want to so badly, but I am scared to try it on my own... wanna take a road trip to NC and help a girl out??? Ha, ha!!! Did you use a pattern for the curtains or a book? My mom stole my curtain book from me, and I'm looking for a new one that is good... any suggestions?

PS... the room is DEFINITELY a "Happy!!"

the Steiger's said...

I love it. Make me want to re-do the girls room.
You will have your girl home before you know it. We are praying!!!

Jori said...

So very awesome. What a nice place to relax and be calm with tyour little one ... do we get a picture after a month at home? Hmmm.... I'm betting not the same! :):)
love ya, Jori

E said...

Gabrielle's room is gorgeous - what an elegant, classy nursery! Love it!