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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Court- Butterflies in my tummy :)

I really do have butterflies in my stomach! We were given today as our court date, and when asked about it being a Sunday, our coordinator explained that with the time change, etc. it really happens today and we will hear the news tomorrow (Monday). I keep doing the math in my head and I still don't quite understand when the court appt. would be, but I just keep stopping today and praying. I know I only need to ask God once and He hears me, I think the other 400 times must be for me. God-willing you can visit here tomorrow and see the sweet pictures of our baby girl. Pray for us tonight and we will be here tomorrow with updates and pictures as soon as we hear!!!


the Steiger's said...

We will be praying. (for a good night sleeps as well)
love, Lenka

Sherry said...

I am excited and praying for you! We'll be anxiously checking for pictures tomorrow.

Blessings! - Sherry Semlow :)

Lori said...

We are praying and waiting anxiously for the great news and pictures.
Praying for a great night of sleep.
Lori Laughner

kjwistrom said...

Praying for you tonight Andrea and Pete. Can't wait to see pictures of your precious daughter. Karen Wistrom (AWAA)

E said...

Praying and waiting for news!!!