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Monday, February 2, 2009

A blessed reunion!

What a gift.....we got to see sweet Meti and her awesome mother at the airport as they were coming home from Ethiopia! Meti was such a part of our week when we got Gigi. She loved Gigi so much and according to the nurse and nannies, she used to carry Gigi around and help take care or her. It was soooooo hard saying good-bye to her almost 8 months ago. She told us through tears she prayed she would see "Selam"/ Gigi again one day. I know Meti is so special and probably had this relationship with so many of the other children and babies at the orphanage, she displays so much love and joy and God's heart for such a young person- she is so special. I am so thankful that she is now home with her family who has adored her and prayed for her for so long. Her family is so special and what a treat to finally meet Patty too! She was incredible, and it was a treat to visit with them and have lunch and watch Meti and Gigi together again. Also, our two other kids had heard all the stories about this little girl, so they were so excited to meet her and visit too! Enjoy the pictures!


Kari:) said...

Andrea...these pics made my day!!!!!! I'm so happy & jealous:)) to see the precious reunion!! Promise me we'll head to Maine someday soon!! Thank you for sharing this special day with us!!!
We love you & miss you!!

K.P. said...

I am jealous too! What a treat! Meti is truly a one-of-a-kind and we are all blessed to know and love her. Can't wait to see what life has in store for her in the USA. We could all take a lesson or two from this young teacher.

Thanks for sharing. So special...

Danielle said...

How wonderful! I only wish that I had known Meti, but am blessed just by the stories and pictures. And Gigi, too! Although, I'm still hoping that will happen someday :) Thanks for your words today. We are SO thrilled! I wish we were flying through Dulles and could peek in for a short visit :) We've got to deal with Detroit instead :( Anyway, sending much love your way. Thanks for the pictures.

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

That is so cool!!!!
What a great day of memories you all will cherish!