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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A lost camera can put you WAY behind on blogging!

So, I finally bucked up and bought another camera. I thought for sure it would just *turn* up somewhere. I had visions of someone calling me to tell me they found my camera........the call never came. The camera never showed up under a couch, in a bag, or under the seats of the van along with the old dried up french fries and cherrios. Just thought I would FINALLY add some pictures. Took these yesterday and today. Gigi didn't know what to think of the snow, even more than that, she didn't know what to think of the "armor" I put her in which made her not be able to move. She handled it like a champ.


kangaj1 said...

SO CUTE!! I love her hair! It was really fun talking to you this week.

Kari:) said...

Aunti Kiki is SOOO HAPPY to see the new pics. The kids look fantastic & the fro is still growing:)))
Can I beg for weekly updates now that you have the new cam!!!
We love you Kidds!!

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Yay!!!! New pics!
Your kids are sooo cute!!!

small world said...

Beautiful!!! You would have fun with the beader I bought. While Meseret is in the bath I just put some beads on the beader and slide them onto her hair. She ends up with these cute little stands of beads hanging on her head. It looks like your fro is long enough for this. Call me if you want info on where to get the beader!
Love, Theresa V

Gayathri said...

Cute little kids. Thanks.

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