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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am back in the blogging world!

Andrea posting here: Pete and I have our blogs set up together, so at the bottom it says he is posting this, but it is me. : )

Wow, it has been months since my last post! If there is still anyone reading this or following along...... thanks.

Things have been wonderful, crazy, busy, and full of God's blessings. Also, a little 2 year old who has been giving me a run for my money! Can I get a shout out from anyone else going through the terrible two's from a firey, spunky, and strong-willed little Ethiopian prince or princess.......whew! I thank God for her vigor and strength as it is a blessing and she is a survivor, but my goodness it has been a little rough. :)

Here is a brief update on our ongoing's and what God is doing lately in our lives:

  • We are waiting for our I-171 so we can submit our dossier for a baby boy! excited and also feeling so much more prepared this time around. soon as those words come out, I realize that one can never really be fully prepared for international adoption and what may come your way. At least I know how to better expect the unexpected. :)
  • We have been asking God to lead us to a bigger way to help and support the children in need in Ethiopia, and if you have been following Pete's blog, you have seen that he just got back from a Vision trip with Children's Hopechest, and we are sooooooo blessed to have found LOOK DEVELOPMENT and to be beginning the journey to finding sponsors for these children there.
  • LOOK DEVELOPMENT is located in Nazret and we have a need to find sponsors for 100 children to start. So many wonderful things to share about this organization and how God has led us there, we will be sharing more on that soon!
  • Enjoying our 3 kiddos and enjoying the Christmas spirit. What a pleasure.

If you are interested in potentially working with us and sponsoring a child, PLEASE post here or send me a message.

Looking forward to blogging again and hope all are enjoying the Christmas time with their family!


E said...

Good to read you again, Pete. I enjoyed following your journey to Ethiopia via various blogs, FB, etc.

I have to agree with what you write -- you love the spunk and spirit, the resiliency and life...but oh-boy it is challenging too. Our little Ethiopian prince is certainly giving us a run for our money. I'm sure this will magically change when he becomes three in a few months. ;)

Blessings to your family this Christmas!


David and Amy said...

Hey Andrea, Here is my shout out to you. It seems we landed in Bolivia and Asher became all those things. I am with you on this one.

Enjoying reading your journey!

alisa said...

Welcome back -- we hope to be DTE right behind you! My hubby (Vince) really enjoyed chatting with your hubby this week!

Apryl said...

I was thinking about the sponsorship and almost went to FB to message you--glad I came here instead :) We are so excited about this opportunity, keep us posted.

You aren't alone--I just posted a week or so ago about one particularly interesting day with Josiah. Sigh. Makes me tired just thinking of him (he just hid under the table with a bag of candy from church...)

Merry Christmas!

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

You know that I am still here! :-) I have loved following Pete's blog as well.
Much Love & Merry Christmas!

the Steiger's said...

Welcome back to blog world. It is great hearing from you.
I do am dealing with a very strong will ET princess. I have been on my knees many times a day.

Kelly said...

Hi there! My name is Kelly and my husband and I are first time Ethiopia adoptive parents. I just wanted to let you know that we saw some video footage of your family during our online Hague Training. You were our favorite family! Ha! I started following your blog soon after that. I was so suprised today when I opened up the DTE Waiting List spreadsheet and saw that you are just ahead of us on the waiting list (you are number 8 for an infant boy, and we are number 10)! I immediately got excited when I realized we could potentially be travelling together. Anyway, wanted to "virtually" introduce myself and tell you your family has made an impact on us. Blessings,
The Smiths