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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well, I asked.......

Gotta love the beach, corn rows and a cute bathing suit!!!!!

Asleep in her high chair...hee hee

She love that daddy of hers. When she is with him, I need to BACK OFF, she shake her finger at me and tells me "no no"!

We both just woke up.....I love that lovey cuddly time

"Sitting on the dock of the bay"- and fishing.....and crabbing!

So several posts ago I titled it "Lord Expand My Territory". Well, both Pete and I have been praying for some time now as to how and what He will lead us to. For a little while we wondered if we should move to Africa for a year or so and just DO. We continued to pray and we have definately heard His answer on a few things.

#1. WE ARE ADOPTING AGAIN!!!!! Yeah, we have begun the paperwork and are going back to Ethiopia for a baby boy!!! We are so excited and always knew we would be going back again to adopt another child, but it feels really good to be actually in the "chase" again. His name will be Mathew, or Matty as we have been referring to him.

#2. We are committed to finding an orphanage to sponsor and support (with our friends and family......YES THAT MEANS YOU!). We have been working and talking with Tom Davis and his team at Children's Hopechest for some time now and we are hoping that on their next trip, we will, or God will direct us to the place that we will be involved with. We will be following up with more on this towards the end of the year.

#3. We realized we would be able to do more by not actually moving to Ethiopia, but to leverage and gain as much support and help from our network here that we can make a huge difference there.....BUT we believe that money alone does not do the job, our hands and feet and eyes and arms to hold and hug and love need to be in Pete has felt called to go on a trip to do just this. He will be traveling with Tom Davis in November to Ethiopia for a vision trip. God willing he will get to see and meet the children of the orphanage that we will be sponsoring and greater than that, will be able to love on and give to as many children he can come in contact with. We laugh though, because as anyone who has been to Ethiopia knows, we think we are going to give hope and to give love and to give the word of Jesus..........while in the end we end up getting so much more. Between you and me :) I think Pete will come back even more changed and even more convicted than we are now. So, stand by as he will be creating a blog for his trip.....and anyone with referrals around that time who want some pics and love delivered to their child.....he will be visiting the Transitional home!

So, maybe this means I will actually start updating my blog again on a more regular basis. I hope~ and I hope that you follow along as we could use many prayers as we follow our passion and the mission we feel we are being ever more called to.

Now that I dropped all that on you, I am heading off to tuck 3 sweet peas into bed and pray for the 4th!


Janet Whipple said...

This is great news Andrea! I followed your blog towards the end of your first adoption, and I look forward to seeing the second. Hopefully we'll be right behind you again for our second!! Thanks for articulating all you feel God calling you to do...I think everyone leaves Ethiopia feeling like they can and should do more. Thanks for putting it into action.

Kari said...

We have soooo much to talk about:) God is so faithful!!! I loved reading your post and BEAUTIFUL pics of the kiddos. I pray we can see each other soon... I miss you like crazy:)
I love your heart's calling and want to help out in anyway I can.
I'll call u soon!!!

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Such a great post packed full of all that is good! :) excited on all the points you hit on. And we'll be praying on all counts as well as looking forward to keeping up on Pete's blog while he's in ET. Maybe we could send some pics to nannies when he goes? :)
congrats on the new happy to follow along & join in prayer!

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to see a new post with such great news! Love to you all! Hope to see you soon!

Apryl said...

I'm so excited to read this!! I love watching the excitement in other families as well--we've felt so called but been up to our armpits (that seems the most appropriate place to mention as that's what it felt like most of the time) in medical stuff and adjusting. I finally feel a light at the end and the ability to look beyond where we were and seek out where God wants to use us. I'm thrilled to watch as you move on God's call!! Please keep us updated, I'm very interested in hearing about what happens.
many hugs,

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