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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year! 2008.....bring it on!

Well, it has been a MONTH since I last posted. A lot has happened and a lot has not happened.....if that makes sense. After learning that we were not getting our referral by the end of November AND then learning not December or January, most likely.....I sort of tuned out for a little. I didn't really tune out completely....let me assure you that my emotions were TUNED IN! I was so dissapointed/frustrated/mad/impatient/sad. I decided that the best thing I could do for myself and my family was to accept this (for the time being) and focus on gettting ready for Christmas and truly enjoying the holidays. I did that pretty successfully. I enjoyed my kids to the max, enjoyed the time with my dear hubby (always such a romantic time of year I think), spent amazing time with family and friends. I did have many "moments" that Pete needed to wrap his arms around me and assure me to keep the faith and we would see movement soon. We even came up with a plan one night after Christmas to contact our agency to find out what possible things we could do to help the situation, and get clarity on what the heck is going on. Since then all Oct. 3 families have had successful court dates and they are to be travelling the end of I am feeling a little more hopeful once again, since there is movement. I am still hanging to hear of court dates for the Oct. 13 families and am so dissapointed that our agency has not gotten this mess cleared up as of yet. I know now they are working hard, but oh Lord, this CAN NOT happen to us. So my thoughts as of now are this:

1. So psyched families are getting ready to travel in a couple weeks, they must be SOOOO ready after all this time!
2. Assuming/hoping/praying/pleading referrals will come in the next week or so
3. Thinking we will be in second batch of referrals
4. When the current group of babies living in the Transitional home move out to join their families, I assume my baby/ies will be the next batch in exciting! (never too hopeful though.....see I am learning)
5. Making appointment to go to agency to meet new director and meet the CEO. This should be great. I am praying there is some way we can help and praying we get a good understanding of timing and assurance that we will not be put through what the current families have gone through.
6. Learning of many families in our county who are adopting or have adopted from ET. This is so exciting and makes me feel so good. What a great feeling to know that my family can have a support network right here in our town.....and how important for our kiddos!!

Happy new year! Hopefully more to come soon......


shawn and tisha said...

Happy New Year!
Hopefully you will be in the first batch of referrals!
Tisha (awaa yg)

E said...

Welcome back (to your blog, I know we've been in touch elsewhere)! I hope we'll see very good things, indeed, this week!

Praying for you guys & so glad you enjoyed your family this Christmas. We had such a blessed Christmas, despite the difficulty in missing Abel right now.


Carpenters said...

Happy New Year! May this year bring many blessings.


Apryl said...

I echo everything you said (hopeful about a referral for us in the next batch, but not too hopeful...) that you are thinking. I think your action in trying to help AW is wonderful--what a blessing to be close to their offices.

Happy New Year!