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Friday, September 7, 2007

Adoption Dreamin'

Isabelle in the crib with Johhny when he was a baby, she used to love to do that and now she's dreaming of it with Gabrielle.

Well, I haven't posted much about adoption I feel like like I have had so many over the last couple years during our process. On our Yahoo adoption group, people started sharing theirs and it has been really fun and cool to see what our minds come up with. I did have a VERY vivid dream while on vacation......then came home and saw the posting of dreams from our group. I thought my dream was too weird and it wasn't funny so I didn't post.....then I realized that is what dreams are.....strange and weird. I also have gotten such a chuckle out of everyone's elses....I even asked Pete two nights ago if he had any and he hadn't.....then this morning.......

My daughter was really groggy when I woke her for school this morning and with her eyes still shut she smiled and said, guess what I had a dream about.....I said horses? (she LOVES horses) she said no, and then I just said Gabrielle?? And she said YES!!! She was so excited she was holding her arms wrapped around her saying "I can't wait mommy to have her, she is so cute!" It gave me goose-bumps and made me a bit emotional. I was like, "what did you actually dream?" She said she was in Gabrielle's crib with her, holding and playing with her. With the biggest smile and arms still wrapped around her she said "she has really curly soft black hair and she is so cute......mommy I want her home with me now". I just hugged her and told her we are getting closer everyday. I am actually more touched now as I am writing this than when she told me. Isabelle has been praying and thinking of Gabrielle for so long.....for her young age she has been so in touch with this process and I do believe that it is possible that her little spirit could have been with Gabrielle last night. That is what we pray for at night, that our love and emotion reach Gabrielle through our Lord, we ask him to hold her in his hands and that even though she may be torn away from her birth family and put into an orphanage, that she always feels the strong love we have for her through our Lord, Jesus Christ. We feel like when she finally meets us in person and her sister and brother that she will already feel a connection b/c of this spiritual delivering of our nurturing.

Well, now for my dream. I will make it breif. It was last week while on vacation. I basically dreamed that I gave birth to two babies. I was literally crouched over the side of a dirt road and delivered both babies. There was a girl and a boy. I was making dinner over a fire when the labor started. Funny, I had c-sections with my two bio kids, so I don't know what delivering that way is like, but it seemed pretty darn real. I won't be too graphic; however I somehow knew one of the babies did not live and all I kept saying was do I have a boy or a girl.....then I realized that I was bleeding A LOT and was not sure if I was o.k. That was the end of it. I know that is not too funny, and sort of sad; however in the dream I was not too distraught about losing one of the babies, it seemed natural, I just wanted to know which one was alive. When I woke up my stomach was hurting, I had pretty bad cramping that went away after I got up and had breakfast.....that may have added to the real-ness of the dream!

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Caleb and Becca's Ethiopia Adoption said...

So glad to hear we're not the only ones with weird and strange dreams :-) I especially loved the dream that Isabelle had!!! So cool!